Our Slumber Skillz Program Frisco, TX

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Future seminar dates

  • June 27,28
  • July 18,19
  • August 29,30

Day 1: Thursday

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Welcome and Introduction Reflecting on our journey thus far, delving into Dr. Smith's vision, and exploring the unique culture at Star Sleep & Wellness.
  • Transitioning Dental Patients to Sleep Patients Strategies for identifying potential sleep patients during dental visits and transforming ordinary rooms into sleep-friendly environments. We recommend all hygienists, dental assistants, and the front desk (all team members).
  • Building a Supportive Team Identifying crucial roles to assist the doctor and enhance overall efficiency within the practice.
  • Integrating Hygienist Screening Understanding the significance of evaluating patients for sleep issues during routine dental appointments and streamlining paperwork for clear differentiation between dental and sleep services.
  • Introduction to Software Providing an overview of the essential software tools necessary for initiating sleep services.
  • Bite Changes Offering our insights into various bite variations and associated scenarios.
  • Equipment Overview Understanding the role of the Ecco machine in our practice and its significance.
  • Insurance Considerations Facilitating a discussion on navigating insurance matters effectively. Lead by Laura Couture.
  • Exploring Oral Appliance Options Offering an overview of several types of oral appliances and their respective applications.
  • Home Sleep Testing A practical session demonstrating the utilization of HST (Home Sleep Test) devices. One attendee from each office will be able to take home a Watchpat on Thursday and we will go over the results in detail on Friday.

Day 2: Friday

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Reviewing Forms and Procedures Explanation of the forms utilized in patient interactions, distributed to attendees in both binder format and digital copies.
  • Training Engaging in role-play sessions to simulate patient interactions, adjustments, follow-ups, and other essential aspects of patient care.
  • Guest Speaker Sessions Sessions featuring Dr. Kent Smith or Colleagues, Laura Couture (Insurance). You may hear from a few of the venders Itamar, Prosomnus & Somnomed.
  • Possible Observational Training Attendees will have the opportunity to rotate and observe real appointments, facilitated by our experienced wellness associates.
  • Q&A Session An interactive session where attendees can pose questions, with the possibility of Dr. Smith or colleagues briefly joining for expert input.